Tiziana Ligorio

Computer Science PhD

CSCI 127 Fall 2023


This course presents an overview of computer science (CS) with an emphasis on problem-solving and computational thinking through ‘coding’: computer programming for beginners. Other topics include: organization of hardware, software, and how information is structured on contemporary computing devices. This course is pre-requisite to several introductory core courses in the CS Major. The course is also required for the CS minor. MATH 12500 or higher is strongly recommended as a co-req for intended Majors.

Course Designers:

  • Dr. Katherine St. John
  • Dr. William Sakas
  • Prof. Eric Schweitzer

Course Instructors:

  • Prof. Melissa Lynch (Course Instructor and Coordinator)
  • Lola Samigjonova (Early College Initiative Instructor)
  • Dr. Tiziana Ligorio (Macaulay Honors College Instructor)

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