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Gradescope Help

Gradescope will allow multiple submissions until the project deadline. You are welcome to resubmit before the deadline if you do not get full credit, but you cannot rely on Gradescope to debug your code. Your code must run free of errors on the Linux lab machines at Hunter before you submit to Gradescope.

You are responsible for ensuring your submission goes through before the deadline. I strongly encourage you to submit early to allow yourself the time to resolve issues. The UTAs are available in the labs to help and you may ask questions on the blackboard forum, but you cannot expect to get help minutes before the project deadline.

Gradescope doesn’t provide useful compilation messages when it fails to execute. Here are some things you should check:

Autograder Failures/Error Messages Upon Submission:

The autograder failed to execute correctly. Contact your course staff for help in debugging this issue. Make sure to include a link to this page so that they can help you most effectively.

Getting this message upon submission? It is not a problem with the autograder but with your submission. Please check the following before posting on the forum or going to the UTAs for help:

“No such file or directory” error:

If you get “No such file or directory” error on all the tests or on all the tests for a particular class (you are failing all the tests), check the names and extension of your files and of your #include statements. These should match exactly what is requested on the project specification. Note that in this course we are using .hpp extension for the interface files, make sure you #include “ClassName.hpp”

If you tried all of the above and nothing worked you may post a message on the duscussion board or seek help from our TAs in the labs (see the lab schedule on the course main page).